Graduate Information

For international graduate students, the English for Multilingual Students Program offers courses in both academic/professional writing and academic oral English.

Two courses are offered in graduate writing:  Linguistics 2G (Intermediate Graduate Writing for International Students) and Linguistics 3G (Advanced Graduate Writing for International Students). In both courses, students learn and practice rhetorical strategies for writing in their fields and for professional purposes, such as developing resumes and application materials for internships or jobs. Linguistics 2G offers greater focus on grammar and vocabulary needed for effective writing at the graduate level. In Linguistics 3G, instruction focuses more on rhetorical strategies common to most disciplinary writing at the graduate level. Both courses encourage students to examine language use in their specific fields.

Five courses in the graduate curriculum focus on academic and professional oral English: Linguistics 4 (Individual and Small Group Instruction for International Graduate Students), Linguistics 5 (Intermediate Oral Academic English for International Students), Linguistics 6 (Advanced Oral Academic English for International Students), Linguistics 7 (Oral Communication for International Teaching Assistants) and Linguistics 9 (English Pronunciation for International Graduate Students).

Linguistics 4 offers instruction in writing or speaking in English, depending on students’ needs and their placement into this course; in Linguistics 4, students may work on further developing classroom presentation skills to be teaching assistants, improving pronunciation, or improving writing proficiency, among other areas. Linguistics 5 offers instruction and practice in speaking for a variety of academic contexts, including small group discussions and debates. Linguistics 6 includes oral skills for job interviews and has a greater focus on individual presentations.  Linguistics 7 provides special training for prospective Teaching Assistants across the disciplines. Linguistics 9 focuses specifically on American English pronunciation. Linguistics 9 is not offered every quarter; however, all of the other oral skills courses include pronunciation practice.