Student and Faculty Resources

Although each class instructor has the option to use his or her own documents in their course, this page offers examples of documents commonly used by instructors in the EMS program.


Writing Symbols

The EMS Writing Symbols Guide offers examples of common errors and the symbols used to mark them by instructors.


Grammar Lessons and Tests

To add to the lessons and materials you receive in your courses, there are many online resources to help you improve your grammar.

For example, Oxford English Online offers free grammar lessons consisting of short videos explaining certain grammar points that are followed by a quiz to test your comprehension.


C.L.A.S. at UCSB

If you would like one-on-one tutoring, please make an appointment with a tutor or drop by the Student Resources Building (SRB) and visit the C.L.A.S. Writing Lab. Tutors at C.L.A.S. are trained to specifically meet the needs of EMS students. More information and online appointments are available at the C.L.A.S. Writing Services website.


Distressed Students Resources

UCSB offers various services for distressed students. 

Please click the button below for the protocol for responding to a distressed student.

UCSB Distressed Student Response Protocol