Students who are unable to enroll in their desired EMS course during their registration pass times on GOLD must add themselves to the course waitlist. Waitlists for EMS classes are available solely through the GOLD system beginning during Pass 2 but only if all offerings of a course have been filled.   

Once a course waitlist is enabled, students will not be able to directly add the course to their schedules. This means that even if a space becomes available in a course that was previously full, you will be prompted to join the waitlist.

Steps For Crashing EMS Courses

  1. Check GOLD for waitlist availability 
  2. If multiple sections of the course are offered, make sure to select only the section options that will work with your schedule. Effective Spring 2020: switching sections will not be allowed, including section switching with the same instructor.
  3. Prior to the start of the quarter, GOLD will auto-add students who meet the course prerequisites as class space becomes available. Note: A student who does not meet the prerequisites can still sign up on the waitlist, but cannot be added to the course if a space becomes available.
  4. If you are still on the waitlist once the quarter begins, you are required to attend the first class meeting to confirm your place on the waitlist. Waitlisted students that do not attend the first class meeting will not be considered for the course. 

Approval Code


Approval codes for EMS courses will not be issued prior to the first week of classes. If a course enrollment maximum has not been met, the instructor will issue codes to waitlisted/crashing students as outlined above. 

Graduate Courses

The following EMS Program courses are for graduate students only: LING 2G, LING 3G, and LING 4.

LING 4 will not have a waitlist. A waitlist for all other graduate courses will be enabled once the course fills. 

Students interested in enrolling in LING 4 must attend the first course orientation meeting in order to be issued an approval code by the instructor. Approval codes for LING 4 will not be issued prior to the first meeting. For more information see our graduate courses page.

Week 1 Course Attendance Policy

Students who are enrolled in EMS courses MUST attend the first class meeting. Students who do not attend class on the first day will be dropped. 

If you have a serious emergency that will prevent you from attending the first class, please contact your instructor before the first class meeting. 

**Spaces in EMS courses cannot be held for students due to extended travel and/or visa issues. Please keep this in mind when finalizing your plans for quarter breaks**

After week 1, students are still expected to attend all classes and to be on time. However, each instructor may have different policies on how absences (excused/unexcused) will affect your grade in the course. Please see your course syllabus for further details on course attendance policies beyond week 1.