If you are wondering what students think about the EMS program, please read some of the following testimonials to read what other students have to say about our courses.


Yuming F.

"I used to not know how to organize my essay, and my essay was incoherent and illogical. But taking linguistic classes helped me learn how to construct my essay correctly; it also made my essay more fluent and coherent."

Siqi Z.

"Before I took Ling 3B and 3C with Keith, I didn't really know how to summarize the main ideas from other articles to strengthen my own writing, and I couldn't really organize what I wrote to help the reader understand my points. However, with two quarter's study in the EMS program, I am getting to know how to do these things."


Lingrui W.

"I really enjoyed the time spent on Ling classes. I did not like writing essays before, but I felt much better after some Ling classes. Although I had not taken other GE writing classes yet, Ling classes taught me more than I expected and helped me with logical thinking."

Yutian C.

"Linguistics courses really help me as an international student to learn to write academic essays in English. Before taking the courses, I had limited understanding about MLA format and had no idea about the importance of reporting verbs, but now with the help of the instructors and the tutors from C.L.A.S., I made a lot of improvements in writing essays."


Yihan L.

"Before taking linguistics courses, I was not confident at writing essays and did not know formats like MLA or Chicago at all. It was those nice professors in the EMS program who helped me overcome my fear and improve."