Jan Frodesen

Photo of Jan Frodesen
Retired Teaching Professor

I am a Senior Lecturer SOE and Director of the English for Multilingual Students (EMS) Program at UCSB. In the EMS Program, I primarily teach graduate and undergraduate writing courses but also work with international graduate students in courses focused on oral academic English.  In the Linguistics Department, I teach two core courses for our TESOL Minor: an introduction to TESOL and English grammar. I also occasionally teach courses in the Writing Program, most recently an upper division course for international transfer students.

My research and publications have included a number of advanced level textbooks for multilingual students as well as articles and books for educators in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I am especially interested in applications of corpus linguistics to materials for the teaching of second language writing and pedagogical grammar.


Courses Taught at UCSB

English for Multilingual Students Program

  • EMS/Linguistics 3A: Academic English
  • EMS/Linguistics 2G: Intermediate Graduate Writing for International Students
  • EMS/Linguistics 3G: Advanced Graduate Writing for International Students
  • EMS/Linguistics 4: Individual and Small Group Instruction for International Graduate Students
  • EMS/Linguistics 5:  Intermediate Oral Academic English for International Graduate Students
  • EMS/Linguistics 9: American English Pronunciation for International Graduate Students
  • EMS/Linguistics 12: Approaches to University Writing for Multilingual Students

Linguistics Department Courses for TESOL Minor

  • Linguistics 139: Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Linguistics 140:  English Grammar for Teachers
  • Linguistics 504:  ESL Teaching Assistant Seminar and Practicum, Linguistics 504A and 504B

Writing Program

  • Writing 2: Academic English
  • Writing 125: Writing for Multilingual Students with Economic Emphasis

Recent Publications

Frodesen, Jan and Margi Wald.  Exploring Options: Vocabulary and Grammar for Academic Writing.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, in press.

Chun, Dorothy and Jan Frodesen.  “Second Language Acquisition.” In C. Genetti (Ed.), How Languages Work: An Introduction to Language and Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, in press.

Celce-Murcia, Marianne and Diane Larsen-Freeman with Jan Frodesen and Ben White (forthcoming),The Grammar BookAn ESL/EFL Teacher’s Guide.3rd Edition. Boston: Heinle Cengage Publishers, forthcoming.

Frodesen, Jan. "Grammar in Writing." In Marianne Celce-Murcia, Donna Brinton and Ann Snow (Eds.),Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, 4th Edition. Boston: Heinle Cengage, 2014.

Frodesen, Jan. “Grammar Noticing and Production Tasks for Academic Writing in IEP Contexts.”Applied Linguistics Forum, August, 2013.

Frodesen, Jan.  “The Academic Writing Development of a Generation 1.5 `Latecomer'. “

In Linda Harklau, Mark Roberge, and Meryl Siegel (Eds.), Generation 1.5 in College Composition: Teaching Academic Writing to U.S. Learners of ESL. Mahwah, 91-104. New York and London: Routledge, 2009.

Frodesen, Jan and Janet Eyring. Grammar Dimensions: Form, Meaning and Use, Book 4. 4th Edition. Boston: Heinle and Heinle Publishers, 2007.

Frodesen, Jan. “Corpus Grammar Applications to Sentence Combining in the Composition Classroom.”  Applied Linguistics Forum, November, 2006.

Frodesen, Jan and Christine Holten, (Eds). The Power of Context in Language Learning and Teaching. Boston: Heinle and Heinle Publishers, 2005.

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