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Ingrid Bowman currently teaches undergraduate academic writing courses, TESOL Certificate teacher training courses and graduate-level communication classes. In addition to her U.S. teaching experience, she led teacher training projects in Tunisia and taught for over 15 years in China, Germany, Poland and Austria. Her areas of specialization include writing, student-centered learning, materials and curriculum development.


Current project:The Heart of Writing is Reflective. Academic composition project with Italy. TESOL 2014 Second Language Writing & Composition presentation.


'Sequenced Peer Revision: Creating Competence and Community.' The CATESOL Journal, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2012-2013.

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Gordon, Deborah and Ingrid Bowman. Zoom In! Listening & Speaking Books 1 & 4. Thomson, Singapore, 2007.

Revised EFL integrated skills workbook for Thomson, Singapore, 2006.

Conference & Workshop Presentations

2/13     ‘Teaching Writing to Multilingual Students: Panel Discussion.’ Pedegogy Fest. UCSB Writing Department.

10/10   ‘Teaching in China: Panel Discussion.’ Los Padres CATESOL Conference, Santa Barbara.

11/09   Teacher training workshop series (6 sessions), Santa Barbara Chinese School, In-service training for Chinese teachers.

10/09   ‘Creative Ideas for Checking Homework.’ Los Padres CATESOL Conference,Santa Barbara.

05/09   ‘Culture in the ESL Classroom.’ Adult Education, Los Padres CATESOL Workshop series, Santa Barbara.

02/07   ‘Beyond the Potluck: Cultural Activities for the ESL Classroom.’ Adult Education, Los Padres CATESOL Workshop series, Santa Barbara.

03/04   ‘ESL Writing Strategies.’ Professional development seminar for SBCC English Skills Department.

10/04   ‘Birds of a feather learn together. Effective group work strategies.’ Los Padres CATESOL Conference, Santa Barbara.

10/03   ‘Using the Internet Classroom Assistant (Nicenet).’ Los Padres CATESOL Conference, Santa Barbara.

05/03   ‘Using a multimedia language lab for communicative language teaching.’ Presentation at Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes, Universite de Tunis.

02/03   ‘Language learning and computers: an English teacher’s perspective.’ Speech at the US Embassy, Tunisia.

02/03   ‘Project-based teaching.’ Presentation for regional inspectors, local authorities and pre-service teachers at Institut Superieur des Langues Gabes, Tunisia.

01/03   ‘Using projects and the Internet to teach business English.’ AMIDEAST/ISG Conference for Business English and C.A.L.L..

10/00   ‘Teaching abroad.’ Panel member at Los Padres CATESOL Conference, Santa Barbara City College.

9/99     ‘Successes & failures of computers in low level ESL classes.’ Co-presenter, Professional Development Online Conference, Honolulu Community College.

10/99   ‘Curriculum development at an intensive English program.’ Co-presenter, California TESOL Conference, Los Angeles.

03/98   ‘Online Peer Mentoring.’ Co-presenter, TESOL Convention, Seattle.

Radio Shows

Moonwalking with Einstein.’ KCSB – FM 91.9 Radio Reading for UCSB Reads Program, Winter 2013.

Test-taking strategies.’ Radio Tunis International, English Language Program. May 30, 2003.

Using the Internet to Learn English.’ Radio Tunis International, English Language Program, January 22 & 29, 2003.


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