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Continuing Lecturer
Office Location
South Hall 3508
Office Hours
Spring 2024: Thursdays, 2:15-3:15pm (in person)
Zoom office hours by appointment

Ingrid Bowman has been teaching for over 30 years. Before joining the EMS Program, she held various international positions as an instructor and teacher trainer in Tunisia, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland and Austria. Ingrid is a native German speaker who is proficient in several other languages. Her research interests include mentoring, online teacher development and classroom dynamics. She has contributed to a number of collaborative projects and published for WAC Clearinghouse, TESOL and CATESOL Journals, and the Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Bowman enjoys travel, sports and gong fu cha.

  • Linguistics 2G
  • Linguistics 3G
  • Linguistics 3A
  • Linguistics 3B
  • Linguistics 3C
  • Linguistics 8
  • Linguistics 12

Selected Publications
I. Bowman & B. Westmacott. (2024). Fishing for Online Engagement. Better Practices: Experts explain how they teach writing in online and hybrid spaces. Edited by Amy Cicchino and Troy Hicks. WAC Clearinghouse.

I. Bowman & B. Westmacott. (2022). “Empowering Teachers to Write: An Innovative Online Framework for a Community of Practice.” Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching. University of New Mexico. Vol. 6, Special Issue 15, December, 186-192.

‘Five Devices Jigsaw Lesson’ and ‘Adverbs for Hedging,’ Starting Lines online teacher training blog. 2018.

I. Bowman & J. Robertson. (2013). ‘Sequenced Peer Revision: Creating Competence and Community.’ CATESOL Journal. Link to article: Vol. 24. No.1. 2013.

I. Bowman & D. Gordon. (2007). Zoom In. Listening & Speaking Books 1 & 4. China Central Radio & TV University Press and Thomson Learning, Singapore.

I. Bowman & D. Gordon. (2006). EFL Workbook: Revised existing EFL integrated skills workbook for Thomson Learning, Singapore. 2006.

‘Using the Consultancy Approach to Teacher Development.’ RELO Newsletter. No. 9, Spring 2003.

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